Vaguely reminiscent of the idea of potlatch 1, and devised around a relation of exchanges between organiser and participants that implies some sort of retribution, a party is organised, for which the attendants are invited to bring the vinyl records they detest the most, being these exchanged for drinks, and played afterwards, as the party’s ‘soundtrack’.
As the party attendants demonstrate their displeasure towards the music, playing is stopped and the records thrown to the dance floor, for the attendants to do whatever they please with them.
The record breaking party is an ongoing series of projects that develop in two distinct phases, with the party acting as a common starting point, leading to different outcomes that deal with specific elements and context of where they take place.

1 In George Bataille’s essay The Accursed Share he mentions potlatch as a ritual destruction of riches in the form of a sacrifice, where goods lose their orientation towards a future use and are consequently free of utilitarian domination.
As in celebration, the host would distribute gifts according to each guest’s rank or status. Between rival groups the potlatch could involve solemn giving and destruction of riches, as a display of superior wealth and as a provocation demanding an answer. That answer should take the form of a new potlatch, a short time later, which would have to be forcibly more generous than the first: he must pay back with interest.                                        
When a rival failed to answer another’s provocation he was dishonoured as he was showing that he attributed the most value to physical property.
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10 cc 2pac a-ha abba adamo alan o’day alfons bauer alfons zitz und der bergsteiger chor ..., installation views at daimlerstrasse 32. 2007

installation conceived as the outcome of the record breaking party that took place in Frankfurt.
dim. of the cube: ± 26 cm side; white plinth; typewritten text, A4 format; label with title

instalação concebida como desenvolvimento da record breaking party que teve lugar em Frankfurt.
vinil; plinto branco; texto dactilografado
, formato A4
; moldura; tabela com título


After the party, the whole of the records’ debris were collected, alongside with the records’ cover sleeves.

The shattered record pieces were transformed into a solid cube of vinyl of approximately 26 cm side, displayed on top of a small plinth.

A framed typewritten text, composed as a cut-up assemblage of the titles of all the destroyed records, hung on the wall.

The title of the work was printed on a label and consists of an alphabetically ordered compilation of all the artists’ names that featured in the destroyed albums.

The installation was presented in a space other than the one where the party took place.

Após a festa, os fragmentos dos discos destruídos foram recolhidos, sendo depois transformados num cubo de vinil, com aproximadamente 26 cm de lado. Este cubo foi exposto em cima de um plinto.

Na parede, emoldurado, encontrava-se um texto dactilografado, composto como um cut-up a partir dos títulos de todos os álbuns destruídos.

O título do trabalho é uma compilação, ordenada alfabeticamente, dos nomes de todos os artistas constantes nos álbuns destruídos. O título encontrava-se impresso numa tabela afixada na parede.

A instalação foi apresentada num espaço diferente daquele onde a festa decorreu.